Audio installations

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Sound anything creates bespoke sound spatialisation focusing on immersion into space and time.
We build anything from invisible speaker arrangements to complex multichannel systems.
From the bass underground to the spectrum canopy, our installation practice combines flexibility and innovation in search of new listening horizons through live events and durable sound scenographies.



Les ANImaux fantastiques

audible france

for the release of the audio book version of fantastic beasts, we invited foley artists pete burgis and jemma riley-tolch to take part in an immersive performance. the audience, wearing headphones, were invited to discover jk rowling's best-seller coming to life in 3D audio, before their eyes.



the quest

Marshmallow Laser Feast

 For the Quest installation, Marshmallow Laser Feast was inspired by the process that Hennessy's master blender undertakes to find the finest eaux-de-vie for their exclusive Paradis Impérial line. The London-based art collective created the immersive experience, in the historic founder's cellar at Hennessy’s headquarters in Cognac, France, out of ten thousand shards of glass.

multichannel sound spatialisation



installation for 300 hundred speakers, pianola and vacuum cleaner

John Wynne

John Wynne’s Installation for 300 speakers, player piano and vacuum cleaner is at once monumental, minimal and immersive. It uses sound and sculptural assemblage to explore and define architectural space and to investigate the borders between sound and music.

multichannel system, pianola renovation, vacuum cleaner control. 


in the ear of the bat

Antoine Bertin + marshmallow laser feast

an audio installation in that enables us to hear the world of bats and experience their incredible powers of echolocation.

ultrasonic recording, listening experience design

720° In the Eyes of the Animal - 1.jpg

in the eyes of the animal (screen)


multichannel audio spatialisation, ambisonic workflow from vr to public installation.